Black Edition – 2017 New Collection Zkara

Burnished metallic foil prints and lustrous, glimmering yarns add a glamorous feel to vivacious velvets. A fluid marble design and a small scale pixelated pattern sit alongside abstract geometrics on shimmering metallic grounds and two exceptionally tactile semi-plain velvets. The opulent colour palette emanates a refined grandeur including deep purple, peacock teal and rich neutrals.

Black Edition – 2017 New Collection Herbaria Wallcoverings

A luxurious collection of embossed vinyl wallcoverings comprising striking prints from the Herbaria fabric collection, as well as a range of sophisticated, textural designs. Elaborate details and subtle nuances of colour are brought to life through innovative printing techniques, while unique embosses create an irresistibly tactile finish. An inspiring palette sees deep, atmospheric colour invigorate contemporary florals, while flashes of peacock and blush enliven an intricate damask. Chalky, mineral shades and oxidised metallic tones enhance an agate inspired design, while subtle glimmers of pearlescent hues dance across distressed textures.

Black Edition 2017 – Herbaria New Collection

Fine art re-defined, Herbaria offers a dramatic collection of decadent velvets that intertwine layers of past and present artistry. Historic inspirations are the foundation of the collection, deconstructing and rebuilding elaborate designs through intricate layering and innovative colouring. Baroque damasks combined with Moroccan antiquities are modernised in a palette of invigorating hues, while an atmospheric, diffused floral is reminiscent of 17th century Dutch still life paintings injected with contemporary tones. Seductive soft velvets are a sensorial delight while striking colour combinations give an intensity and individuality to the collection that is undoubtedly Black Edition.

Black Edition – 2017 New Collection Kaleido

A textural sensation, this mixed weave collection is luxury personified, offering 15 exquisite designs that explore intriguing textural combinations and beautiful versatility. Abstract geometrics, an intricate lace inspired design and romantic, diffused florals adorn sumptuous velvets and lustrous silks. A treat for the senses, opulent velvet and soft chenille come together while tactile wool and metallic effect yarns create a fusion of natural and contemporary qualities. An inventive palette of trend setting tones including, malva pink, lazurite blue and warm spice take the collections into a new realm of desirability.